Meet Evalyn Martinez. A nice, quiet, friendly, girl.

She has some big challenges and problems that come across her in life. She doesn’t know what is happening, until everything starts to go all wrong. Something is after her, and her best friend Summer. Will she be able to solve it? Will she find out what’s after her and her friend, and why? Will she ever find her missing sister?  But most importantly, will she be able to survive herself?

~Welcome to The Life of Evalyn Martinez~



It seemed as if I couldn’t run fast enough, like I wasn’t even trying. I knew I wouldn’t make it, and if I did, he was sure to find me anyway. I ran into the woods, hoping to find somewhere to hide. I saw her in my mind as I ran. I was at a dead end now. He was there, right behind me, I could hear him. I turned around to look at him, face to face, for the very first time, since she disappeared.